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Information and Communication Technology ICT

Histroy of Medicine. Medical Miscellany WZ

Midwifery (Nursing Specialities WY 101 – 145)

Otolaryngology WV

Dentistry. Oral Surgery WU

Geriatrics WT

Pediatrics WS

Dermatology WR

Obstetrics WQ

Gynecology WP

Surgery. Wound and Injuries WO

Radiography. Diagonistic Imaging WN

Psychiatry WM

Nervous System WL

Endocrine System WK

Urogenital System WJ

Digestive System WI

Hemic and Lymphatic Systems WH

Cardiovacular System WG

Respiratory System WF

Musculoskeletal System WE

Communicable Diseases WC

Practice of Medicine WB

Public Health WA

General Medicine. Health Professions W

Microbiolgy. Immnuology QW

Biochemistry. Cell Biology and Genetics QU

Physiology QT

Anatomy QS

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