The library consists of the following sections:

  • General administration

This section is headed by the College Librarian and sees to the coordination of all library policy ranging from collection development, fund allocation, staff welfare and career development and also ensures that the readers services, and other clusters of the library  is runned effectively

  • Collection Development/ Acquisition Section

This section of the library sees to the development of the library resources and tailored it to meet the yearning and needs of the college community. This section from time to time conducts library resources audit in order to ensure a virile and growing library. The unit/section goes about their duty through direct acquisition and donations.

  • Technical Services Section

This section sees to the processing and organizing of the acquired resources either through purchase or donation and ensures the proper placements of such resources in the library.

  • Reader Services (Lending) Section:

This section sees to the orientation of new students, registration and charging and discharging of information resources to its clienteles driven by a library management system (librarika) that allows ease of retrieval of information resources by the users. 

  • Reference/ ICT Section:

This section deals with offerings of additional information resources that the users cannot easily lay their hands upon. Also the department sees to the training of both the students and staff of the college on the usage of computers and other ancillary services. 

  • E- Library Clusters: the e-library clusters serves as an interface where students as well as members of staff of the college are able to get electronic information resources that are not easily gotten in the market and are also curated by the librarians for the usage of the college community.